How do I test my design across different devices?
Go to your account's 'Projects' page and click the 'Share' link for the project you wish to test.
This will give you the url at which your project is accessible. Simply browse to this url in the browser of the device you wish to test on.

Please note that unlike the editor, only changes which have been saved would be viewable at this url. To test any changes you make, simply save them in the editor and refresh the page on the device.
How do I rearrange my components?
You can rearrange the components in any list by simply dragging and dropping them into the required order.
How do I apply a particular color swatch to my component?
Simply click on the theme indicator in the right upper corner of any component and a list of available color swatches will be displayed.
You can then apply any of these by clicking on them.
I applied a color swatch but the results are not what I expected
If the color swatch you applied is not one of the default available swatches (A-E), make sure that you have defined the colors for all components of the particular swatch.
For example if you have not defined any colors for button up state, any components styled using that color swatch will get styled by the default colors and may not be as per expectations.
Why am I not able to see my changes in the output viewer of the editor?
The device shown in the editor shows the output of the current page being edited.
In order to update the output after making any changes, click the refresh icon on the top of the output pane to reflect your changes.
My script is not included if I load my project using the shared link
For security reasons, any custom script that you write is not loaded if someone tries to view your design using the shared link. This allows for clients, teammates, etc to critique your design and also allows testing of the UI on different devices while at the same time being more secure.
If you wish to share the entire project along with code, you can still do so by using the export button to download the files for your project and then sharing the files directly.
I want to use swatches from my own CSS file
If you want to use swatches that you have created in the jQuery Mobile Themeroller or otherwise handcrafted, you can use your own css to style the components of your design.
On the themes page, select the option to use custom css and upload your file. This will clear any custom swatches you have created in mobjectify's theme editor, and use the swatches found in your css.
You can even include your own non jQuery Mobile styles in this file.
If there are any comments in your custom css that need to be preserved, such as copyright or license notices, you can do so by starting the comment with
/*! instead of /*
Whom do I contact if I need more support?
For any queries, feel free to mail us at support or contact us via Twitter