Prototype, Now!

Simply select from a range of available controls to have your design ready within minutes.

Arrange, rearrange components to quickly try out multiple combinations

No more hours spent on wireframes and paper layouts, simply put together your design and view immediately

Cross platform designs

Need a design that looks good across smartphones, tablets or even desktops?

Your designs in mobjectify are generated using jQuery Mobile to target a wide array of available devices

Easily target the latest generation of smartphone and tablet devices across multiple platforms and operating systems

Integrated scripting

Use the integrated script editor to transform your designs into running prototypes

Export your project to get the entire code in a single zipped bundle.

Easy theming

Theme editing functionality means you are no longer bound by the default available colors.

Choose your preferred color combinations and apply them to your design

The ability to mix and match from your available swatches means you have a wide range of theming options


Mobjectify simplifies mobile development.

Whether you want to build simple mockups to test on different devices or build working apps, Mobjectify offers you the tools to speed up your workflow

Use the bundled widgets, to generate a prototype styled using jQuery Mobile in just a few minutes, and brainstorm with actually running designs rather than paper layouts or wireframes.

Use the integrated script editor to build up your designs into working, feature rich applications.


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